Chimère version 1.x

Just a few news but Chimère has continued its evolution.

First of all there are changes in the tools: a move has been made from SVN to Git.

Two branches have been created:

  • A 1.0 branch which is the first stable version of Chimère. Based on Django 1.0 there is only a few people concerned by this branch: no evolutions only corrections on this branch.
  • The 1.1 branch is based on Django 1.2. It has received the last improvements.

There are many new features. Some of them are volunteer work but most of them have been funded by the MCE of Rennes (France) and Brest Métropole.

The new features:

  • Events. Now you can easily announce and geo-localize items at a specific date.
  • RSS feeds integration (whole site, on a specific area, on a specific category).
  • Multiple categories for an item.
  • The ability to cut an instance by areas. Each area has got its own categories and a specific URL (the main URL + /the-area-name)
  • A dynamic evaluation of categories available on the user screen.

Most of the new features are available on the Carte OuVerte rennaise.