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Chimère has been originally developed by Étienne Loks as part of a volunteer and associative framework for the needs of an interactive eco-friendly map of the Rennes Métropole (Carte OuVerte du Pays de Rennes) between 2007 and 2009.

Then the volunteer work went on but a part of the development was funded by requests for additional features corresponding to the specific needs of different structures. These are the listed partners below. The magic of free software enables to make available for all the developments they have financed. Thanks to them to contribute in this way.


Thanks to Yohan Boniface and Raphaël Droz for their patches.

Thanks to Sylvain Collilieux, Frédéric Léon and Érik Zilliox for their tests on the documentation and on some new functionalities.

Thanks to Valérie-Emma Leroux for her numerous proofreadings of texts.