Chimère v2.0 is out!

Finally Chimère v2.0 has been released.

A major refactoring of the source code has been made to achieve two main goals:

  • make the core application more "Django-ish",
  • integrate the JavaScript source code in a JQuery plugin.

I hope that these changes will allow more reusability of the Chimère as a Django application and make external contributions easier.

To match with Django evolutions Chimère needs now the version 1.4 of this framework.

Django South has been integrated to Chimère. Keeping trace and applying evolutions in the database model are now very simple.

Beside these main changes many features improvement have been made since the last v1.2 version:

  • Import of external data from ShapeFile, KML, GeoRSS, CSV
  • Export of Chimère data to ShapeFile, KML, CSV
  • Import of OpenStreetMap data and export to OpenStreetMap database, with edit conflicts awareness
  • Management of multimedia files and images (several by POI)
  • Other map layers (configuration in administration interface). By default MapQuest, OSM Transport and Cyclemap are available
  • In admin interface, easier and more complete configuration of areas
  • Default configuration of the map easier thanks to the setting of a default area.

Many thanks to all contributors to this v2. Particulary to Yohan Boniface for his initiation of the work on the code refactoring and to Frédéric Léon for his many tests.