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A documentation is available at ReadTheDocs in line or downloadable in several formats.

This documentation is available for many versions of Chimère. Take care to get the documentation that suits your Chimère installation.

This documentation targets different kind of users:

The sources of this documentation are included in Chimère sources. Don't hesitate to propose improvements (Contribute).

Public lectures

Chimère - collaborative webmapping made easy Étienne Loks - July 2013 - 14th Libre Software Meeting (LSM) - Theme Libre Cartography with OpenStreetMap - Brussels (Belgium) Abstract and slide show

Cartes Ouvertes et Chimères Étienne Loks, Frédéric Léon - July 2012 - 5e Forum des usages coopératifs - Brest (France, 29) Slide show (fr)

Carte OuVerte, une carte éco-citoyenne collaborative libre Érik Zilliox, Étienne Loks - July 2010 - 11th Libre Software Meeting (LSM) - Theme Social and Solidarity Economy, Sustainable Development - Bordeaux (France, 33) Abstract and slide show (fr)

Chimère, Carte OuVerte : une carte collaborative Étienne Loks - October 2009 - Brest en bien communs - Brest (France, 29) Slide show (fr)

Chimère, un SIG collaboratif citoyen Étienne Loks - July 2009 - Open Source Geospatial Research and Education Symposium (OGRS) - Nantes (France, 44) Abstract (fr), slide show (fr).

Chimère, collaborative mashup with OpenStreetMap Étienne Loks - July 2009 - 10th Libre Software Meeting (LSM) - Theme Internet, communication, migration - Nantes (France, 44) Abstract and slide show (fr)